We focus on the top issues holding your workforce back from being their best! Our 60-minute wellness workshops are led by top wellness experts and designed to empower your employees to take control of stress, anxiety, limiting thoughts and beliefs and conflict through various natural wellness techniques, leading to a healthier and more productive workplace.  


89% of workers say they are disengaged at work.

80% of workers feel stress on the job.

61% of workers say they are burnt out.

This is costing companies 

billions of dollars a year!



is the owner and founder of Integrative Healing and Wellness located in Bay Head, NJ. In addition to her private practice, she provides corporate and school-based educational programs focused on energy management and spiritual lifestyle. Allison is a Doctor of Naturopathy with a focus on Iridology and Homeopathy, a Reiki Master Teacher, entrepreneur, writer and coach. She is also a member of the IARP, NCBTMB and IIPA. 


is a leading wellness expert and author of eight best-selling wellness books and DVDs including Yoga in Bed and Yoga for Suits. He has also created numerous online courses including A Year to Get Rich with Purpose which reached #1 on DailyOm.com with over 33,000 students currently enrolled. His work has been featured in PEOPLE, Oprah's O magazine, LIVE with KELLY! and over 50 other media outlets. A Yale graduate, Edward lives in Brooklyn and is rarely seen without his chocolate lab, Belle. 



is a leading divorce attorney, mediator, coach, author and speaker. Her new book, Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way to Separate (Harper Collins) is the first book of its kind to combine the life-changing, healing wisdom of mindfulness, meditation and yoga with practical advice and legal wisdom to get her readers through and beyond the divorce, or any other high stress conflict. Specializing in conflict resolution, Gabrielle has helped hundreds of people get out of their head and back into their lives, feeling better than ever. 



is the founder of A Kind Rupture, a curated offering that supports individuals in knowing themselves intimately in order to identify their unique path to self-mastery and align to that which is personally meaningful. With a focus on enhancing the quality of client’s lives, Kirat uses contemplative training, like meditation, to support individuals in cultivating a state of flourishing. Kirat is currently a student at Columbia University studying the role of contemplative training within the field of psychology and how associated practices can be used as instruments for individual and societal transformation.


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